IET Training Class Dates

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Doncaster, Yorkshire

Basic Level - Friday 28th June 

Intermediate Level - Saturday 29th June

Advanced Level -  Sunday 30th June

Master-Instructor Level - date to be confirmed


Basic Level - Dates coming soon - Omagh, Co Tyrone

Intermediate Level - date to be confirmed - Omagh

Advanced Level - date to be confirmed - Omagh

Healing Angels of the Energy Field - Saturday 20th July - Omagh

Steps to Transformation - August - Omagh

Healing Angels of the Energy Field - Sunday 4th August - Enniskillen

Steps to Transformation - date to be arranged - Enniskillen


Basic Level -

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level

Master-Instructor Level -


Basic Level - New Dates to be Confirmed

Intermediate Level -

Advanced Level

Master Instructor Level - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th September 2019

Master Instructor Level - 2 day course  

Scotland - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th September 2019 

Omagh, Co Tyrone - Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2019 

Newry, Co Down - Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November    

England - 2019 - Dates coming soon

Wales - 2019 - Dates coming soon

2020 Training Classes

Derry - Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th April 2020

IET Refresher Classes - Available for anyone who has covered any of or all first three levels

Now taking names for Refresher Classes in Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Levels

If you'd like to attend a Refresher Class please email: [email protected]

Master-Instructor Only Classes

Angelic Reunion - Saturday 8th June - Trim, Co Meath - 

email [email protected] for details of this Reunion and how to book

How to Teach - 

This one day class covers everything you need to start teaching the IET classes

**Please see information on each class under IET Training or contact me for further details