IET Appointments

Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions are tailored to focus on the  imagearea of your life that you want to change or heal. 

Both In Person and Distant Healing Appointments are available

In the first few sessions we work to release any energy blockages, limitations or pain that hold you back in life.  In following appointments we use empowering IET techniques to help you figure out what you want in life and help you to focus on manifesting it.

The effects of the session continue to unfold for up to 48 hours after the appointment. During this time drink extra water and rest if tired. The lasting effects continue to integrate for several days.

I have found that most issues have had huge shifts when the client has 6 - 10 sessions, or appointments on a regular basis. 


Distant Healing Appointments

Appointments can be facilitated via Zoom, if you prefer to be connected during the session, or I can facilitate the healing session without being connected and after your healing session has finished send you an email with the details of your healing session.

Distant healing appointments can be booked by email: [email protected]


Some of the issues clients choose to work with are:

  • anxiety
  • bedwetting & nightmares in children
  • challenges with school, college, bullying, friendship challenges
  • stress
  • fertility issues
  • depression
  • grief, bereavement
  • support during terminal illness 
  • blood pressure issues
  • headaches
  • childhood/adult abuse - all types of abuse
  • career/job issues/goals
  • relationship issues
  • low self esteem/ confidence issues
  • as a boost to turbo charge any area of their life


As it is a complementary therapy IET can be used with any issue or condition.

IET is not a replacement for medical healthcare and no claims are made to the outcome of this approach. 

Each person is encouraged to be responsible in the use and choice of professional health assistance as needed.


IET Session:  £60

Children:  £30