IET Training

There are five levels of training in Integrated Energy Therapy® 

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Basic Level – an introduction to IET, no previous experience required 

Intermediate Level – learn to interpret and clear physical, emotional, mental and karmic energy blockages 

Advanced Level – bring your dreams to life with the techniques on this level 

Master-Instructor Level – reach for the stars with the processes taught to MIs, if teaching is your gift this is also the class for you (25% of students who take this class go on to teach) Its also a huge healing class for you to take even if you decide not to teach IET  

Master-Instructor Trainer Level – by invitation from the Center of Being only

Alice teaches the first four levels. The Master-Instructor Trainer Level is taught at the Center of Being in USA

Students of IET are able to review any or all of the levels they have already taken at a reduced cost. 

Contact for details.

** ALL STUDENTS  are asked that if they have chosen to take a vaccine to allow at least 28 days before attending any class. 

Due to concerns of transmission to anyone who has chosen not to take a vaccine, it has become necessary to add this request.