Basic Level

Ariel-logo-w-Basic-words-300x298This class provides you with everything you need to carry out an IET session on yourself or others

The Basic level of training is for: 

those who want to use energy therapy to heal their lives

anyone wanting to begin an energy therapy/healing practice

holistic therapists wanting to add to the therapies they already offer

There are no previous requirements needed to take this class

 Only IET Master-Instructors are authorised to teach this class


Receive a special energy Attunement which will empower you to clear physical and emotional blocks from the cellular memory

Access the energy of Angels using a Heartlink, carry out a Five Minute Empowerment Process, give & receive a Basic Level IET session 

Learn about the nine cellular memory areas and their location in the body where we store "issues in our tissues" in the form of energy blocks that can negatively impact our life.  Learn powerful techniques to energise, integrate and release these blocks from the body's cellular memory using the nine sets of Integration Points

When the blocks are cleared you will learn how to channel angelic energy to replace them with positive empowering energy imprints associated with each cellular memory area.  eg You will learn how to clear the energy of guilt & replace it with the energy of innocence

A fully illustrated guide and a certificate are provided with this class

Classes are from 9.30 am - 6 pm

£50 deposit is required to book your place on this training

Basic Class Fee: £150